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    Light Vitality Group is a multidisciplinary, design-research, public benefit corporation focused on developing circadian lighting strategies through educating local community members and business owners on the many benefits these light systems can provide.

    Light Vitality Group utilizes the rich, urban landscape and neighborhood camaraderie to bring light education to local residents. We offer a variety of services to individuals and groups from public, light wellness education to private, on-site circadian survey analysis.

    Regardless of who you are, why you want to know more about light and health, or the level of technicality you require, LVG is dedicated to helping guide you to the resources you desire, and most importantly the solutions you deserve!

    - Regina Lausell - Long Island City – New York

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    • Ms. Regina Lausell
      Director, Dream Catcher
      Phone: (646) 656-0203
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    Locations vary depending on event schedule. Visit website for official event details including location and time.

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