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    Understanding the critical link between sound nutrition and disease management is basic to feeling and being well. Karen Roth, MS, CNC, has long-term experience in addressing a wide variety of health conditions and painful symptoms through safe, natural, holistic recommendations which she tailors to each client's unique needs and lifestyle. Karen's areas of expertise include:

    *Hormone Balancing
    *Weight Management
    *High Blood Pressure
    *High Cholesterol
    *Auto-Immune Disorders
    *Low Libido
    *Gluten Intolerance
    *Food Allergies/Sensitivities
    *Digestive Issues

    Utilizing ALCAT testing to discover your body's reaction to over 200 foods, along with other simple, state-of-the-art testing procedures including micronutrient and blood chemistry analysis, Karen evaluates the adequacy of your diet in bolstering your body's natural ability to fight illness and heal itself. Her patients report relief from all kinds of ''mysterious'' and uncomfortable symptoms.

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