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    I heal homes and businesses using the Marie Diamond dowsing method.

    As a dowser, I can either physically go into a home or use floor plans and find where there is negative energy such as geopathic stress, negative vortexes, negative energy from cell phones and microwaves, and more, that are affecting the people who live or work there. After I find out where the bad energy is entering from, I use thin copper rods to stop the energy from entering and move it out.

    ''You wouldn't want to take a bath in someone else's bath water? So, why would you live in someone else's energy? '' Just because you can't see the energy, it doesn't mean it's not there. All the emotions, stress, health, financial and relationship issues are leftover from previous owners, renters, or businesses. Clearing the energy can have a positive impact in many ways.

    Live in Harmony!

    - Jeanie Pasquale – Blauvelt – New York

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    • Jeanie Pasquale
      38 Shorn Drive
      Blauvelt, NY 10913
      Phone: (845) 709-5245

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