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    Creating a documentary based on her personal journey in healing cancer...

    When confronted with a medical diagnosis of Hodgkins Lymphoma cancer, Lourdes Colon experienced a myriad of emotions. Shock, fear, disappointment, anger, and relief at knowing for certain what had been growing inside her body, were only some of the things she felt at that moment. As all of these emotions played out inside her, Lourdes' doctor proceeded to discuss the ''best treatment options'' with her. She was assured that chemotherapy has a very high success rate with her type of cancer and with this treatment she would have no difficulties in working her way back to ideal health.

    Lourdes knew what chemotherapy meant, she had seen several loved ones fight cancer this way. She knew that chemotherapy would not only kill the cancer, but it would also damage all of the healthy cells in her body. Lourdes believed that there had to be another way. After some reflection Lourdes knew that she

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    • Lourdes Colon
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