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Complimentary Nest Thermostat or Sense App with the Purchase of a Solar system for your House
Programs Itself, Then Pays for Itself
The Nest Learning Thermostat has rings, a big, sharp display and saves energy. The Sense Monitor learns about your the items in your house which use electricity. Both learn your habits within your house. The Nest Theromostat learns how long it takes to warm up, how drafty it is, and what the weather's like. It also learns about your heating or cooling system and how to make it even more efficient. So when you turn up the thermostat or turn it down, Nest Sense algorithms are figuring out a thousand things in the background. It's redefining what a thermostat can be, and comes with an App for your smart phone so that you can program it when you're away from your home.

The Sense monitor is the brains of the operation. It collects and sends data to your smartphone so you can track what devices are on so that you can discern what may be consuming your energy usage, and therefore determine if you need or want to change your habits. 

This deal is for Holistic Chamber of Commerce members located within California.
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phone: (818) 562-0275
Offer Valid: April 25, 2017April 30, 2036
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