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Easy ways to Nurture our Inner Child
Here are some fun ideas to get you started, it’s easier than you think!

Easy ways to Nurture our Inner Child

With Mother’s Day just around the corner this may be a great time to take stock of how you are tending to and nurturing yourself. Is your inner child getting any play time?

I know, with our many demands it is a challenge to take the time for ourselves. Just know this needs to be a priority otherwise our adrenals will get exhausted and we will experience burn out.

Remember the saying “When Mom is happy the entire family is happy.”

During 2018 an overwhelming number of my clients have been selecting the Colour Mirrors Spray -  Rose Pink. Rose Pink takes mothering to a deeper level as well as self-love and our Divine connection. Helps heal mother and mothering issues.

Rose Pink energy is a sign that the collective needs to be reminded that mothering also includes self-mothering and nurturing our inner child.

The best way to make sure you take time for you is
to schedule it on your calendar. Plan for it.

Here are some fun ideas to get you started, it’s easier than you think!

SPEND TIME IN NATURE: Take off your shoes and walk in the grass, this will assist you in grounding and reconnecting to mother Earth. If that’s too much just sit in the sun and soak up that Vitamin D.  For an extra dose of fun be in Gratitude. Just these few moments will be so good for you. 

FLOWERS: Treat yourself to some of your favorite flowers or plant a 6 pack of impatiens or petunias in your garden. Every time you see the flowers it reminds you that you nurtured yourself and are loved.

ME TIME: Make yourself a cup of your favorite tea and sit with it for just a moment. Even better, go to your favorite  coffee / bakery shop. Order one of your favorite pastries that you only order on special occasions.  

LUNCH: Meet a Friend for Lunch. It is so important to make time for meeting with your friends. These are great times to brainstorm, support each other, and let your hair down about what is really happening in your lives.  

INVEST IN YOUR MENTAL, PHYSICAL, AND SPIRITUAL:  Get a massage, have a Colour Mirrors energy balancing session, get a mani-pedi. Connect with a group or a spiritual practice that has a weekly meet-up.

MESSAGE IN THE BOTTLE: Start a daily practice of selecting a Colour Mirrors Bottles for guidance
. Give it a try.
MOVE YOUR BODY: Go for a daily walk, just go to the corner. Take a break from the computer or car pool by doing a little stretching.  

Even with the delivery fee and a tip it is so worth having someone else do the family food shopping periodically, especially if you have an extra busy week. This is a way to balance out your schedule and make some “Me Time”.

Our lives are crazy busy and we run ourselves ragged trying to be everything to everyone. We forget to “put on our oxygen mask” first. 

Starting with Mother’s Day, let’s make a new commitment to ourselves

to Nurture our Inner Child Daily.


Happy Mother’s Day,  Debra

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